Shipping Details

This season we're introducing $7.49 flat-rate shipping for our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in Canada (up to 6kg!). We also have competitive flat-rate shipping for our larger sizes of Food Grade DE as well; ready to serve Canadians coast to coast at the lowest cost!
Flat Rate Shipping Cost by Weight
Shipping rates for food grade diatomaceous earth in Canada.
Please use the map to find your region for shipping speeds across Canada. We know it's important to get your order on-time.
  • First you will receive an order confirmation (after your order is received).
  • Then in 1-2 business days, you'll receive a shipping confirmation, that we have sent your order out (fulfilled).
That's why all our orders are dispatched (sent/fulfilled) within 1-2 days from placing your order.
Regions ABC = 1-2 Days in Transit 
Regions DE = 3-5 Days in Transit
Diatomaceous Earth Shipping in Canada
Please visit our contact page if you have other Questions About Diatomaceous Earth. Our customer service can help if you have problems with an order!