Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

Your pet is a family member! That's why using Diatomaceous Earth for pets is just as important as for your own personal health.

Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

The best way to take care of your pet, is to remember you have the sole responsibility. Can you imagine how your pet would take its medicine without you?

Using Diatomaceous Earth with dogs and cats are the most prominent of examples. Where there are also horses, rabbits, and goats.

DE is great for indoor pets too! This includes other critters like guinea pigs or a pet rat, and even smaller like pet mice, hamsters, and gerbils.

Our Diatomaceous Earth is a clean and natural food grade, appropriate and beneficial to the whole family of pets.

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits for Pets

The general benefits of using food grade DE is most often apparent in the digestive system.

It's in the intestines that many parasites make their home. Controlling those infections by using DE regularly can rapidly improve your pets health.

Starting with a minimal amount, added to the daily diet (less than two percent of the total dietary weight) can create a full blossom of positive effects.

The degree of change that you’ll notice greatly depends on the original health of your animal or pet.

Diatomaceous Earth for Parasites

For instance, parasites can often be contracted, and there is no way for us to know for sure. The gradual onset may be hard to detect. That means the animal or pets health may be suffering already.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work?

When you begin using our Diatomaceous Earth, it’s the beginning of a parasite free digestive tract for your animals and pets!

First, the natural silica particles (DE) make their way into the digestive tract by means of ingestion (being eaten) by your animals.

Then within the digestive system, the DE particles collect and absorb positively charged ionic particles. These include toxic free radicals or parasitic organisms.

The food grade DE has an ionic negative charge from the amorphous form of silica, where the unwanted debris of toxins and parasites are attracted and bonded to the diatomaceous earth; as it is then flushed out of the digestive system together.

Using Diatomaceous Earth Routinely

When this process of using our diatomaceous earth properly is kept as a routine, the benefits are remarkable and noticeable.

When the digestive system is free of parasites and heavy toxins, it’s efficiency is far higher in all regards. This means that the metabolism will function more efficiently, where the healthy diet of your animal or pet will then give you maximum gains.

That means the best possible rewards for your pets and animals. Your pet will thank you for using our DE!

Other DE Benefits for Your Pets

Other note worthy benefit of using our DE as a dietary supplement to pets, is that the coat/hair and nails of your pets and animals will also increase in firmness and strength.

The pure silica will help to bring forth a brighter shine, and this can be more valuable depending on if your animal or pet may be in competition.

Overall it’s just another great reason to begin adding a little of our amazing DE to your animal or pet’s daily diet.

The combined benefits of higher energy levels, cleaner metabolism, parasite and toxin free, and to top it off, an added natural silica shine; our Diatomaceous Earth is a must have for your pets and farm animals.

For more in depth reading, follow to our page about human use and Diatomaceous Earth for People.

Get connected to our brand for the long run, and enjoy the benefits and recommendations that come along with our uniquely inspired brand: Diatomaceous Planet.

We look forward to answering your questions and helping with your research.

Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

Diatomaceous Earth has become popular to use with Dogs, simply because it yeilds rapid and long lasting health benefits.

The most impactful benefit you can have by using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, is controlling parasites. This has been discussed in more details above, and also on our DE for human use page.

To give your dog a daily dose, we recommend the following:

Small size dogs - 1/2 teaspoon daily, increase to 1 teaspoon daily after 1 week.

Medium size dogs - 1 teaspoon daily, increase to 2 teaspoons daily after 1 week.

Large size dogs - 1 teaspoon daily, increase to 1 tablespoon daily after 1 week.

If you would like to give you dog other supplements, or a specially enriched diet, it would be good to take a break from using DE through that period.

Taking breaks can be healthy as well. Or, you can give it to your dogs for 1 month every quarter year. Making sure there is a routine to keep your pet free of parasites will give back in health many times over.

Diatomaceous Earth for Cats

Using Diatomaceous Earth with your cats can be a little tricky, as many cats are picky when something is added to their food dish. Mixing our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth into your cat's wet food, is a great way to give it a disguise.

Somehow adding the DE in ways that are less noticeable can help a lot when giving it to your Cat.

The benefit for Cats is foremost to control parasites, and secondly to add a healthy shine to their fur coats. This is especially important for outdoor cats who like to hunt mice!

To give your cat a daily dose, we recommend the following:

Adult Cats  - 1/2 teaspoon daily, increase to 1 teaspoon daily after 1 week.

Kittens - 1/8 teaspoon daily, increase to 1/4 teaspoon daily after 1 week.

If your cat is on other medications or special diet, you may want to refrain from adding DE to their diet on a dialy basis during that time.

The reason is the silica has a strong ionic charge, and can pull other minerals away from being absorbed normally.

There is no harm caused by taking DE with other supplements or medications for your pet, but it may be a good strategy to maximize health benefits for your cat.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Rodents

Diatomaceous Earth for Rodents

If you have a rodent pet, then Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth also has a place in your pets life.

Often we wonder how our pets are feeling, but we can't really tell if they are hurting until something has gone wrong.

Using DE as a remedy is growing in popularity, especially when your pet might have some kind of parasite infection.

There have been little miracle stories circulating online, about pet hedgehogs, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and even pet rats and mice.

We are delighted to be able to help you and your rodent pets with our pure Food Grade DE.

Dosages for Rodents needs to be very sparing and strategic. Slight doses as small as 1/8 of a teaspoon is appropriate, especially for smaller rodents. Often trying to sprinkle the DE powder onto their food doesn't mean they will consume it.

The best tactic is to add a very slight amount to their water supply. This should be very sparing, and offering your pet water with and without may be necessary in some circumstances.

It is always most important to be sensitive to your pets basic needs at all times.

Diatomaceous Earth for Farm Animals

Diatomaceous Earth for Animals (Livestock)

Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth belongs at your farm or homestead. The powerful benefits of using our DE as a feed additive are vast.

From preserving the feed, improving flow, protecting it from pests, and finally adding many health benefits to your animals almost instantly.

Diatomaceous Earth is a feed additive you don't have to wait to know if it's working, within days (sometimes) of adding our product, farmers and owners see the affects they are looking for.

We want to help you expand your research and strategies, and recommend you investigate further on our Diatomaceous Earth Uses page, or more of the basics on our What is Diatomaceous Earth page.

We're ready when you are, to send a full bag of the purest DE right to your doorstep. Diatomaceous Planet offers the very best Food Grade product, and we're here to help answer your questions along the way!