Get the Facts about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

Get the Facts about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

We are thrilled to be ready and rolling here at Diatomaceous Planet. Ready to serve Canadians the very best quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Our quality standards are number one on the list, to ensure that every one of our customers receives a safe and effective product.

We’re wondering, have YOU heard about Food Grade DE?

This is a very special opportunity for you if it is the first time learning about this incredible multi-use product. At first, it might be easy to dismiss the real benefits when you hear that there are so many. But truly, DE is used on an industrial level, personal level, with pets, the home and garden, and even trending uses in cosmetics.

Pets and people are alike in one way for sure, that we are all family! Let’s not forget our best fury friends when using DE. The internal uses to control parasites ranks as probably the most impressive benefit. If your dog or cat happens to have one of these intruders (parasites) making a home in their intestines, no sweat – we have a product that really works!

What on earth is Diatomaceous Earth?

Let’s discuss some important details to help you understand better what Diatomaceous Earth really is. First of all, there are different kinds of DE, where not all are safe...

This is always the first place to start, where the safe category that you should always look for is called Food Grade. This is an industrial classification, that has very specific requirements in Canada, USA, and UK. There is no way to call your product Food Grade without first having all your analysis and certifications straight.

Where does Diatomaceous Earth come from?

Where Does DE come from?

To begin at the very roots, we need to look to the vast oceans... The most plentiful plant on the surface is called phytoplankton. These massive algae patches serve two main functions. One is being the worlds largest supply of oxygen. Second, is that phytoplankton (and diatoms) are the very beginning of the food chain!

Even more special than mentioned above, these single celled plants have a silica-based cell wall. So that means when these plants die, they leave behind a microscopic skeleton made of almost pure amorphous silica. When taking a close look under a microscope, they carry a variety of unique geometric patterns.

These tiny particles, which are scientifically called “frustules” or “radiolarians” serve to make Diatomaceous Earth the special silica powder we know and love. Learn about how DE is formed on our What is Diatomaceous Earth help page.

Why Food Grade?

Let's go over why Food Grade is important when shopping for Diatomaceous Earth.

For DE to be considered Food Grade, it must satisfy one main factor: crystalline silica levels must be below 2%. This is actually a very high number, and most Food Grade DE products have levels listed around 0.5%.

Diatomaceous Planet has sourced the highest quality based on two clear factors, one is that there is the lowest levels of crystalline silica (average sample 0.01% / <0.001). The other factor which we consider very important, is the purity level. This can be measured by the amount of amorphous silica.

Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is sampled to show purity at a whopping 89-91%.

We encourage you to try our product for your intended needs. And along the way we are happy to provide you with helpful customer support, send us an email or give our leave us a voice message for our call-back service.

Pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

DE in Food Manufacturing

When learning more about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, it’s healthy to ask the question – Is Diatomaceous Earth in Food? Here we’ll discuss just a little about how DE is used in the food industry. Particularly, we want to help people understand how it is used in massive industries in safe ways.

The most common industries that you’ll find Food Grade DE is used, is beverage manufacturing and in dry mixes. It might be surprising to hear it, but one of the highest volume industries requiring Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is beer and wine manufacturing.

It’s actually really simple, the DE acts as a perfect filter, to remove debris and impurities from the beer, wine, or other beverages. For example, DE might be used in a specific application as a 'functional food additive' to increase the "clarity" of a finished beverage product.

There are many more ways to use Food Grade DE. Innovations are happening all the time, from artisan products to testimonies of personal health benefits. Find out more on our Uses for Diatomaceous Earth help page.

Food Grade DE for pets and animals.

How safe is DE for pets?

When researching health tips for your pet, safety always comes first. We have to watch our pets closely to catch problems or issues that be bothering our pet. Once you know there is an issue, that's when finding a solution is the next step...

At Diatomaceous Planet we're making it simple for you, that we provide only the best quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Our product quality is stable, that every time you order the consistency is the same. Above all, our Food Grade DE is safe. Quality comes first when we source and package our product.

How Does DE Work for Pets?

Is the DE expelled or absorbed?

  • Because DE is made of billions of tiny amorphous silica particles, it goes through the digestive tract, and is almost entirely expelled.

Is there bioavailable silica in DE?

  • Only some of the silica is bioavailable, which means only a little is absorbed into growing nails and silky shiny fur.

What results can I expect?

  • Absorbing silica to help your pet have a strong collagen supply, is just one benefit of using DE with your pet. This results in shiny, thick fur, healthy skin, and strong nails/claws.
  • You can also expect rapid improvement in digestive problems caused by parasites. This is the number one benefit Food Grade DE can offer your pet!

Are Parasites Common in Pets?

Cats and Dogs often get parasites, especially if they are exploring the outdoors on a regular basis. Sometimes its an external parasite, like ticks or fleas. However, it can often feel much more complicated when it's a digestive issue. That’s where using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is an especially unique supplement!

When DE is safe (Food Grade, and High Purity) you can count on wiping out those internal parasites (eg, tapeworms). Your pet's relief is right around the corner! Thankfully our DE comes with a 30 day guarantee; we give full assurance that our DE will make a difference.

Learn more about Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs, Cats, and Rodents on our help page.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Human Uses.

What about Diatomaceous Earth for People?

Along with our other help pages, we've created one for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for People. This is possibly something on the cusp of breaking out on social media. There are reputable sources online now touting the amazing personal health benefits. This is a massive step forward, demonstrating a mainstream acceptance of using DE for human uses.

Generally human uses can span from deodorant, soaps, and other cosmetic uses. Or it can be for supplemental use, either for bioavailable silica, or for chelation and parasite cleansing. We encourage you to add this to your research. If you get stuck, feel free to contact us anytime with your questions, we're happy to help!

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