Diatomaceous Earth for the Coming Spring Bloom!

We've had some changes around here, but one thing that hasn't changed is our excellent quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth! This Spring season, we want you to be ready with up to three bags of DE, for one flat-rate shipping price. It's our extension to our valued customers, to help keep prices down overall to help handle the new normal...

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Spring Sale

Food Grade DE for Pets and People?

Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

We offer a  fantastic product to have around for your pets, and it's getting most popular to use Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs and Cats. It can also be used for farm animals, where chickens come in as the most popular there... and finally you can find many other ways to use food grade DE on the farm, or with your pets alike.

How do I know it is Safe Diatomaceous Earth?

Food Grade is of course an essential factor for us, that it is a safe grade of Diatomaceous Earth, often used as an additive. The functionality of it, as an additive, is usually for filtering beverages, or keeping products dry. A lot of people out there don't know it, but there are many ways that Diatomaceous Earth for Humans is quite common.

These two main functions have made it a very popular additive for the last century. Sometimes it is simply called 'silicon dioxide' but in some cases, that is actually a synthetic additive. The product we provide is always 100% Natural Diatomaceous Earth (uncalcined); it is pure food grade Diatomite (to be technical). Ultimately it has absorbent qualities that give it practicality in many industries. 

Food Grade DE that is Safe

For us at DiatomaceousPlanet, we are aiming the highest to always provide the best quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for end-users across Canada (and USA soon too!). We know having a great natural product like DE can sometimes be life changing, and we know your pets would say "thank you!" too.

"Where can I buy Diatomaceous Earth Online?"

Help us be better by letting us know what kind of Diatomaceous Earth products you would like to see out there. You can reach out and ask us questions via email or messaging (on this website) if you have Questions About Diatomaceous Earth.

If you're shopping and looking to place an Order Food Grade DE Online, then please follow the link to our store catalogue, where you can see all our DE product sizes available and in-stock.

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